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Climate Change — Adapting to The Impacts, by Communities in Northern Peripheral Regions
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Project activities:

What is Clim-ATIC?

Final and intermediate objectives

Activities in regions:

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Regional project publications and media coverage:

Registrering slædespor Aattartoq
Besigtigelse af slædesporet Ilulissat
Output from the DMI climate model
Solenergi in Greenland
Simulering af energiforsyningen
Potentialet for mikrovandkraft
Modulehut Koncept for hytter i Groenland
Heating of Tourist Cottage in the Arctic
Field Measurement Low-Energy House
Energy supply for an arctic cottage 2
Energy supply for an Arctic cottage
Energirenovering af et groenlandsk hus
Desing Manual for Building in Greenland
Design Proposal of Tourist Huts
Building Renovation
Biogas Production from the waste of the shrimp manufacture
Tourist cottages in the Arctic
DTU Avisen nr.2 2009
Artek event 2009 proceeding
Biogas_as energy source_palvig

Project activities in Greenland

Regional adaptation interests: 

Eco or ‘climate change’ tourism opportunities

Permafrost melt and infrastructure

Energy supply and management, waste and bio-gas potential

Participating communities:

municipalities of Sisimiut, Ilulissat and Uummanaq

building sector

tourism sector

Demonstration projects:

  1. A pilot project to build a small demonstration bio-gas anaerobic digester that uses waste primarily from the fishing industry, and contributes to local sustainable energy supply.

  2. A project with a focus on providing the infrastructure for ‘glacier tourists’ including environmental viable access routes, accommodation, energy supply and waste treatment.

Regional lead partner:

Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK), Sisimiut, Greenland

Associated partners:

Greenland Innovation Center (Nutaaliorfik)

Sisimiut Municipality

Regional Project funders:


Greenland Home Rule


Additional regional support group members:

to be confirmed

Regional project events and activities:

ARTEK Greenland energy conference 1st—3rd March 2008

ARTEK Event 2009, "Tourist Cottages and Climate Change"

ARTEK Event Conference 16- 18 March 2010: "Arctic Energy Supply - Which way will Greenland chose? - Production, Distribution, Management, Legislation"


Project coordinator: Centre for Mountain Studies,  Perth College UHI, Crieff Road, Perth, Scotland (UK), PH1 2NX
 Tel: (+)44 1738 877761 •